Interested in working in an international atmosphere? Apply for a job with us!

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Interested in working in an international atmosphere? Apply for a job with us!

We post any vacancies on this page, so check back frequently.

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Open positions

Freelance translators

Are you passionate about languages and do you have extensive professional experience in translation? 

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Who are we?

AAC Global is one of the leading Nordic providers of global business-to-business learning and translation services, with offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. We believe that companies can only succeed when they can get their message through to any audience in their own language, regardless of market or medium.

We strive for our working community to be a great place to work. We provide opportunities for our employees to participate in developing our working community and operations. We emphasize a customer-focused service approach, a helpful attitude and teamwork as ways to help our customers succeed.


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AAC Global is SAP partnerAAC Global is IALC partnerAAC Global is KITES memberAAC Global is ISO 9001 certified by InspectaAAC Global is Luotettava kumppani


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