Cultural differences are a daily reality in the modern multilingual, multicultural business world.


Give your employees, supervisors, managers, and leaders the cultural skills they need to deal with daily interactions, improve team efficiency and mitigate the risks to your operations from miscommunication and misunderstandings.



Create trust in internal and external relationships

Minimize misunderstandings in business negotiation

Improve sales with market knowledge



Whether you’re adjusting to a new working culture or moving abroad for a new career challenge, we customize all our solutions based on your needs.


We don’t just give you theories and stereotypes related to cultural differences – we give you practical help in situations pivotal to your work, such as meetings, negotiations, giving feedback, and managing projects.


Facts about our service


Multicultural skills training for supervisors

Multicultural team coaching

Expat and inpat coaching


Maximize the return on your investment in cultural training. You will receive personal, first-class training face-to-face or remotely in a flexible format that suits you.


Our cultural training is provided by professional, experienced and motivating trainers with knowledge of a wide variety of business and professional fields. Multilingual and multicultural training can be arranged in any language for any culture.


How it works

A rapidly expanding tech company wants to raise awareness of the cultural diversity amongst its employees.



We arrange a solution based around the theme of “A taste of …” that is designed to give staff a taste of the various cultures within the company.

It includes video greetings from the company’s global subsidiaries, which are made available through a series of webinars hosted by our cultural trainers. The trainers raise awareness of each culture by teaching the basic facts about each culture and examining their working practices and norms, as well as providing instruction on improving multicultural communication.

The Finnish retail chain Kesko operates in the Russian retail market, and its employees need to network fluently and work effectively in joint projects with their Russian counterparts. Insufficient language skills and understanding of the culture were hindering communication, the development of trust, and the achievement of goals.



First, we mapped and tested the employees’ language competences across the organization. Then, we organized training for small groups, pairs and individuals that focused on improving the key elements of project communication.

We introduced the students to Russian business culture in a practical manner as a part of their language studies.

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Every year, a large number of employees of ABB in Finland travel on long-term assignments to different countries. Because of tight schedules, there is not always time for the employees to get to know the business culture of the target country, which can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

ABB employees from abroad also regularly come to Finland for short- or long-term assignments. Many of them have no prior experience of Finland, which has led to surprising situations in everyday life as well as at work.



We arrange expatriate training for employees leaving on assignment, including their entire family, if necessary. The training often includes training in the language of the target country. For employees arriving in Finland, we facilitate “Welcome to Finland” orientation and a Finnish language course.

The main benefit for ABB is that their entire global organization can get effective, professional cultural training from the same provider, regardless of country of origin or destination.

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Case retail market

Case retail market

Kesko employees should network fluently and work efficiently in joint projects with Russians. Insufficient language skills and understanding of the culture hinder communication, the development of trust, and the reaching of goals.

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ABB: cultural training

ABB: cultural training

ABB is constantly sending employees abroad on work assignments. There is not always time to get to know the business culture of the target country. This might cause unintended conflicts. This also applies to ABB’s employees who come to Finland from other countries.

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