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We serve customers from small and medium-sized enterprises to large, global companies around the world in their multilingual communication needs.

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Training at Nivos Oy

Nyrki Laine, Director of Human Resources at Nivos Oy, explains how language training helps their employees serve their customers better, boosts their confidence, and expands their knowledge of business practices in other cultures.


Audio: English
Length:  3:56

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Customer insight

Chinese culture in Finavia

HR Partner Sami Laine from Finavia and cultural coach Juha Moilanen from AAC Global discuss how increased knowledge of Chinese culture helped create new opportunities for Finavia to serve Chinese travelers even better.


Audio: Finnish
Subtitles: Finnish, English, Chinese
Length: 20:21

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Learning testimonials

“Depending on the size of the audience I always consider and practice my message well in advance. During the last seven years, while driving a huge change in an international organization, AAC Global has been supporting my journey – with good success.”

- Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Aller Media Oy -

“I have been in two classes and they are the highlight of the week! The teacher knows her role well and the discussion topics have been good and interesting.”

- Elisa Lehikoinen, SOK -

“Really inspiring and the trainer was more than just a tutor. The trainer really taught us more about the culture and kept the course far from being just academic.”

Renata Kern, Rovio



Translations for investor and corporate communication, marketing and technical documentation, software localization for forestry machines, creating and maintaining company-specific term banks.

Orava asuntorahasto

A variety of translations of listed companies' communication, creating and maintaining company-specific term banks.

NCC Roads

A variety of translations for corporate communication.

Korona Invest

AAC have translated Korona’s press releases and information bulletins, and performed linguistic reviews for Korona’s English publications.

Stora Enso

Translations related to investor relations and corporate communication for listed companies; marketing and HR translations; customer-specific terminology creation and maintenance.


Localization of SAP software and translation of communication and marketing texts related to the software.


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