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Finavia has invested strongly in growing its Asian operations. The results are starting to show in the number of Chinese customers, with a 50% increase taking place between 2014 and 2016. To stay on this growth track, Finavia has invested in increasing its cultural knowledge and developing the customer experience for Chinese travellers.

To meet this need, AAC Global organized a series of cultural training sessions for Finavia's people in 2016.

Watch the video to find out how cultural knowledge helped create success factors for Finavia!


Finavia: Chinese cultural training

Video contents

HR Partner Sami Laine from Finavia and cultural coach Juha Moilanen from AAC Global discuss how increased knowledge of Chinese culture helped create new opportunities for Finavia to serve Chinese travellers even better.


Audio: Finnish
Subtitles: Finnish, English, Chinese
Length: 20:21


  • 00:00 - Introduction of participants and the topic
  • 01:21 - Why did Finavia want to invest in cultural competence?
  • 02:36 - What practical action has Finavia taken?
  • 03:23 - What has Finavia learned about Chinese culture?
  • 04:46 - What other methods has Finavia used to increase cultural competence?
  • 05:52 - Where was the cultural training held, and who participated?
  • 06:33 - How successful was the training?             
  • 09:34 - The Chinese language – an impassable wall or a realistic development goal?
  • 12:11 - The Finnish Experience – what could it mean for Chinese travellers?     
  • 12:30 - What do Chinese customers want to learn about Finland?              
  • 18:06 - What surprised you regarding Chinese culture?
  • 19:30 - Conclusion: How has Finavia used its increased cultural competence?

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