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We produced an eLearning course for Kemira on their Code of Conduct. As Kemira wanted to both engage their employees and also maximize the learning outcome by enabling their employees to understand the connection between the principles of the code and their work within the company, we used scenario-based modules.

“We wanted to make an eLearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making.

AAC was very flexible in responding to our demands, and also their specialization in translation services was helpful in this project with 20 language versions.

Director, Ethics & Compliance, Kemira


Scenario-based elearning modules


The completed eLearning course includes text, animations, a final assessment (quiz), and scenarios-based learning.

Kimmo Oksanen, AAC Global’s project manager for this case, explains more about the use of simulation in this eLearning material: “By using a scenario-based approach, we were able to cover multiple target groups with a single course.

The groups ranged from HR, through production, to leadership roles. In practice, the course includes seven different scenarios, and each user must choose two of them based on their role in the company. Within the scenarios, the users make decisions, and the scenarios proceed on the basis of those choices.”

20 language versions


The master language for the eLearning course is English, with localization for 19 other languages also provided entirely by AAC Global.

“I would recommend AAC as a partner in your eLearning project, especially when you have many language versions to cover! We appreciated the excellent service attitude and flexibility of AAC under this complex project.”

Director, Ethics & Compliance, Kemira


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