Elearning solution for the Oras eFaucet School

AAC Global, an Acolad company: Customer success story

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Oras Group is a family-owned Finnish company operating in Rauma, Finland. Oras has a total of 1,400 employees. The company is the market leader in sanitary fittings in the Nordic area and has a solid position in the German and continental European markets. 

The Faucet School is a very successful training concept from Oras. AAC Global provided an elearning solution to help successfully transform the Faucet School into digital format to achieve greater customer reach.

Watch the video to find out how elearning helps Oras improve its customers' product know-how and serve end-users even better!


Video content

Thomas Hanche-Olsen (Chief Marketing Officer), Maarit Nieminen (Specialist, Marketing Services) and Mika Seidal (Key Account Manager) from Oras Group explain why they believe eTraining is the perfect training method to help Oras' stakeholders deepen their knowledge about the products online, and how it ultimately saves time and money for everyone.


Audio: English
Subtitles: English, Swedish, Finnish
Length: 3 minutes 39 seconds


  • 00:00 – Oras introduction and company overview
  • 00:40 – Oras’ main business and customers
  • 01:00 – Why digitalize the Oras Faucet School?
  • 01:45 – Customer expectations on the eTraining course
  • 02:05 – Overview of the AAC solution
  • 02:30 – Oras’ main criteria when choosing a service provider          
  • 03:10 – Future expectations on AAC Global as a service provider
  • 03:30 – Contact AAC

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