Digital learning solutions are economical and allow accurate reporting and measuring.



They ensure that your training needs can be met with a consistent, branded message.


Deliver informative content that is always up to date.


Easily translate and localize your content for a more engaging learning experience across your country operations.


With digital learning, your employees can learn on the go – wherever they are.



Whatever your training need or change goal, when you have well-designed digital learning and a Versatile method of delivery, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals.


Increase the competence of your own people, educate your stakeholders, or engage your customers with quality training sessions about your latest products and services! The borders between marketing and training activities are blurring, so get the best of both worlds and engage your customers and users through tailored, engaging content.


Facts about our service


Multilingual communication expertise produces content that is pedagogically well-structured and designed to be easily localized and translated.

Communication and language experts create a specific atmosphere and bring your online learning content to life through storytelling.

Combine that with UI expertise, and you’ll get content that is responsive and optimized for pc, mobile and tablet.


Our in-house graphic design service creates banners, images, infographics and animations that visually communicate complex, abstract or technical content in a way that respects your brand.

Professional trainers and facilitators design a variety of engaging, educational and motivating exercises that provide relevant learning content for a planned target group.

Our service is cost-effective and produced with passion to meet your global learning needs.


How it works

A multinational company has a new product for a new customer segment and needs to share the product information with its sales staff.

The sales manager has been organizing face-to-face sessions with the sales staff every three or six months, depending on staff turnover and new product launch frequency. Employee participation rates had been low, resulting in a need to arrange several sessions to accommodate everyone.

They have also noticed some inconsistencies in their salespeople’s pitches and the way they understand the new product information.



We create an e-learning package to inform the employees about the new product.

The e-learning is engaging, pedagogically structured, and lasts only 30 minutes, and it is planned so that members of the sales team will have to know sufficient detail of the new product to be able to sell it. There is a test at the end, and anyone who fails will be required to go back and redo the module until they pass to guarantee standardized learning quality.

The sales staff can study whenever and wherever they want – without the need to remove staff from work for a face-to-face session.

Progress is recorded and reported, with the option for a follow-up e-learning package based on the feedback the sales team sends through the learning management system.

We translate and localize the text, voiceovers and visuals for the whole e-learning package into multiple languages.

Additional Services:

A Nordic company that provides a chat function on its website wants to improve the quality of its customer service. It wants to train its service staff to serve customers effectively in multiple languages, deal with complaints, and sell package upgrades to more customers. Some service staff currently receive classroom language training from AAC Global focusing on the language of customer service.



We produce a set of digital learning modules that cover both the theory of customer service and the real-life best practices provided by staff during the classroom training.

As the target audience is primarily young people aged 18–25, video is an effective means of relaying content. Our trainers record a series of short videos explaining the cultural and theoretical aspects of customer service in each of the Nordic languages. The trainers also produce tasks based on the real-life examples. The e-learning content is packaged in short, gamified modules with rewards to increase levels of engagement. The entire package forms part of an induction path for new customer service employees.

Additional Services:

A company that provides IT resource management services wants to provide competence development training for its personnel to increase productivity, reduce the need for supervision, increase job satisfaction, and develop communication skills.



We begin by developing an online learning module on the topic of time management based on industry best practices, including infographics, a video presentation and a survey. HR managers at the client company can monitor staff progress and create individual reports. New modules are added regularly, and staff who do not participate are sent automatic reminders.

Additional Services: