ABB: cultural training

ABB: cultural training
ABB is constantly sending employees abroad on work assignments. There is not always time to get to know the business culture of the target country. This might cause unintended conflicts. This also applies to ABB’s employees who come to Finland from other countries.


A great number of ABB's employees travel annually on long-term assignments to different countries. Because of tight schedules, there is not always time for the employees to get to know the business culture of the target country, which might cause unintentional misunderstandings. ABB’s employees from abroad are constantly coming to Finland on short and long-term assignments. Many of them have no prior experience of Finland, which has caused surprising situations in everyday life as well as at work.


- Expatriate training for employees leaving on an assignment, including the entire family, if necessary. The training often includes language training for the language of the target country. 
- 'Welcome to Finland' coaching and a Finnish language course for employees arriving in Finland.
- Separate on-demand training courses agreed with ABB’s HR, depending on the need (eg. Russian business culture, performance and training in another culture).


The training courses for the entire organization are available from a single provider: the training offering is comprehensive and the focus areas have been specified in cooperation with the customer.
There is also the possibility to seamlessly integrate language and cultural training.




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