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Effective modern language training – thorough, planned to meet your business needs, and always focusing on the precise language skills and communication skills that you need.


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Being able to communicate clearly and to the point is crucial in today’s business world – all of us need to be able to speak clearly in several languages, and most of us also need to be very convincing in our communication.

With language studies, you can:

  • Make your team understand you better
  • Improve your interpersonal skills to create better business relationships and generate more deals
  • Be more persuasive in negotiations
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Boost your professional working proficiency to build new career opportunities

Study communication skills and business language with us. Let our experienced trainers give you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

face-to-face language training


When you find yourself in those important situations in working life, you don’t want to be stranded searching for words or stuttering. We can help you reach the same professional standard in business language in a second language as you achieve in your native tongue. Our language training services and learning methods adapt easily to different needs and target groups.

Choose the method that best suits your needs: online self-study, instructor-led sessions, or hybrid training that combines them both. From individual online training, e-learning packages and webinars, to face-to-face group sessions in a classroom – choose the method that best matches your needs and the time you have available for learning.


If you want to focus on specific aspects of your communication skills, we offer focused solutions packaged into efficient, cost-effective learning paths and modules.
Examples of areas where we provide individual or group training to boost professional working proficiency:
Presentation skills  |  Customer service  |  Negotiation skills  |   Interpersonal skills  |  Persuasion

Hybrid learning - find the right mix for your needs

Few people have time to attend classes every week for an extended period of time.

Traditional face-to-face, group-based language training in the classroom is highly effective, but sometimes it lacks the necessary flexibility. In today’s hectic business world, it can simply be too difficult to find the time to schedule a regular language course based on face-to-face meetings with a language trainer.

Online training, on the other hand, is cost-effective and flexible. Learners can study wherever they like and at the time that suits them best. Students get instant feedback and practice – but online self-study often doesn’t provide quite the same degree of activation and retention as face-to-face learning.

Studying on your own also takes quite a lot of self-discipline and motivation – maybe having a session booked with your personal coach will help you to find those things in yourself!

Hybrid learning combines digital learning with instructor-led lessons. Create your own learning path that meets your learning style and preferences, and study at the times and in the ways that suit you best. 



Study online in various business topics in english

Our engaging, high-quality online learning content includes animations, infographics, games, exercises, and downloadable resources, making learning fun and effective.

 Our online training courses are:

  • Easy, with well-organized learning paths: acquire the content from our webshop, and start improving your business language immediately
  • Flexible – study at your own pace, whenever it suits you and your work schedule
  • Accessible and on-demand – your learning content is available 24/7, whenever and wherever you want to study
  • Fun – our content has been designed to engage and to motivate learners
  • Cost-effective – online self-study material is available in affordable small chunks, and studying online also means that expenses or time spent on travelling




Prepare for your next presentation, team meeting, or negotiation. Improve your spoken skills or your customer service skills, or expand your vocabulary. Train the things you need most in your work. We have even listed some options to choose from in the registration form.


You will receive confirmation of your registration in an email, which will include the meeting link, a calendar appointment, and the contact details for your coach. The meeting tool does not need to be installed on your computer.


When you find the time that suits you, click on "Book me" and fill in your details. One 45-minute session costs €95 and can be paid for via your online bank.

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Facts about our service

An online student portal

An online student portal for all our language courses that allows you to conveniently track your course schedule, access course details, review material, and contact your trainer or our customer service team.


Online reporting tools

An online portal for decision-makers, with 24/7 access that allows you to track, report and re-order language training courses with ease.

A consistently excellent customer experience

A consistently excellent customer experience, from course planning, training delivery, reporting and invoicing, to feedback and development.

A sales person at a Swedish service company faces the challenge of communicating fluently in English, as more and more buyers come from international companies. She is unsatisfied with the quality and impact of her presentations of her company and services at customer meetings and promotional events such as fairs.

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How do we proceed with the language training?

The solution:

We organize a business English training course with one of our business English trainers, and together the student and the trainer create a structured learning plan to improve her sales pitches, presentation skills, pronunciation and intonation, and vocabulary.