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Effective language training - tailored to meet the needs of modern business and professional life

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Multilingual communication skills are a key component of organizational effectiveness – from a supervisor successfully communicating with subordinates and peers to reach daily targets, to the management team clearly and effectively communicating the latest strategy.

  • Create better business relationships
  • Serve your customers in their language
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Choose a tailored language course delivered by professional, experienced trainers to give you the skills you need to meet the growing demand for multilingual service across all communication channels.

face-to-face language training

Your goal is the ability to work using a foreign language in authentic situations

Let us create a language course that moves you towards achieving the same professional standard in your second or third language as you do in your first. Our range of language training services and operating model are easily adapted to different needs and target groups.

Our teaching methods support your learning

Maximize the return on your investment in language training. You will receive personal, first-class language training face-to-face or remotely.

  • Management team training
  • Personal training
  • Interactive webinars
  • Open-group courses
  • Executive coaching
  • Online training
  • Group Teaching
  • On-demand consultation
  • eLearning

Our extensive, nationwide network of trainers enables language training where you want it: either at your company’s premises or in one of our local offices, regardless of whether the language course deals with the English language, or with Brazilian Portuguese or Chinese, for example.

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Facts about our service

An online student portal

An online student portal for all our language courses that allows you to conveniently track your course schedule, access course details, review material, and contact your trainer or our customer service team.


Online reporting tools

An online portal for decision-makers, with 24/7 access that allows you to track, report and re-order language training courses with ease.

A consistently excellent customer experience

A consistently excellent customer experience, from course planning, training delivery, reporting and invoicing, to feedback and development.

A sales person at a Swedish service company faces the challenge of communicating fluently in English, as more and more buyers come from international companies. She is unsatisfied with the quality and impact of her presentations of her company and services at customer meetings and promotional events such as fairs.

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How do we proceed with the language training?

The solution:

We organize a business English training course with one of our business English trainers, and together the student and the trainer create a structured learning plan to improve her sales pitches, presentation skills, pronunciation and intonation, and vocabulary.

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