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AAC Global’s Personal Trainer Calendar – book an online coaching session with our professional language and business skills coaches.

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Note: All times are Eastern European Time (CET +1)


How do I book?

When you find the time that suits you, click on "Book me" and fill in your details. One 45-minute session costs €95 and can be paid for via your online bank. 

How do I meet my coach?

You will receive confirmation of your registration in an email, which will include the meeting link, a calendar appointment, and the contact details for your coach. The meeting tool does not need to be installed on your computer.

What can I practice?

Prepare for your next presentation, team meeting, or negotiation. Improve your spoken skills or your customer service skills, or expand your vocabulary. Train the things you need most in your work. We have even listed some options to choose from in the registration form.


Order a training calendar for your own organization and boost your employees' communication skills!

  • Make it hassle-free with pre-paid coaching sessions for your organization.
  • Private and secure – we'll host the calendar and manage your bookings.
  • Free marketing material to promote the coaching service within your organization.

Volume discounts

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