Graphic Design services

Graphic design for DTP, infographics, animations, videos, marketing content, websites and e-learning. Expert visual design for print or digital use.
Marketing Content Services

Marketing Content Services

To compete in today’s content-driven world, you need to get your message through to your audience as quickly as possible. People process information more quickly when it is presented visually, making compelling graphic design your key competitive advantage.

  • DTP & typography for all types of documents
  • Presentations, infographics, animations & logos
  • Visual design for UI, websites, and e-learning
From websites to PDFs to eBooks, great visual design is engaging, reflects well on your brand or company, and even saves you money on translation and localization costs!

Multilingual graphics expertise

Thanks to our wide range of services and expertise in multilingual communication, our experienced in-house art directors know how to get your message through in a way that is easily localized for any language or culture.
There is no need to use a separate agency when creating content or having existing content visualized, no matter how your existing source texts are embedded in the graphics.
A public-sector agency commissions a mobile application to promote regular exercise among the elderly. The application and the associated exercise instructions must be intuitive for a demographic that is unused to digital content. The agency has designed a set of exercise movements and two avatars as instructors for the content.
Marketing Content Services Marketing Content Services

Graphic design

The solution:

To increase engagement with the application, we render the instructors in 3D to create animations of them modelling each of the exercises. This reduces the need for written instructions and allows the user to focus on the exercise movement. Our art directors perform the rendering in-house and create visualized navigation that can be easily understood and also localized for Scandinavian languages. Our eLearning experts build an application that engages, educates and rewards participation through gamification elements.