Writing and editing services clarify your message

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Do you want to ensure that your text is clear, well-structured and tailored for the target audience?

AAC's translation service portfolio also includes professional copywriting and copy-editing as separate services.



Copy-editing clarifies the message

The objective of copy-editing is to produce a fluent, high-quality text that is interesting and enjoyable to read and that effectively conveys the intended message.

During copy-editing, the text is reviewed, and changes are also made to make the text more effective in the target language and for the target audience.

Thanks to our writing and editing services, your text will convey your message effectively, avoiding unintentional, negative or confusing connotations, and using wording and structure appropriate for the target language.

This can include changing headings, re-writing sections and editing the style, tone or register of the language. It might even involve re-ordering the structure of paragraphs to improve the focus in the target language.

If a translation is copy-edited, the target text may be quite different from the source text in order to make it more fluent.

Copy-editing is particularly suitable for marketing materials, websites, and other texts for publication.
Translation&Localization Copy-editing service

What is copy-editing?

During copy-editing, we check all the same things as during proofreading.

The reviewer also pays attention to the style and tone and, if necessary, the structure and things such as headings.


AAC's service portfolio also includes copywriting. When this additional service is used, a professional copywriter creates the text according to the customer's spoken or written instructions.

Application areas for this aspect of our writing and editing services are critical communication situations where the quality of the text used directly influences the result of the communication effort.

The primary quality objective of copywriting is to achieve the desired effect (action, change in attitude, etc.) The end result is a creative, fluent and interesting text that attracts its reader to read it again.

Copywriting and copy-editing services are always agreed separately.