Consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpretation services for all events from professional, experienced interpreters in a wide range of language pairs

Translation & Localization Services

Any time you communicate with someone, you do so most confidently and comfortably in your native language. Using an interpreter allows you to focus on the content of your message – and on your listeners – safe in the knowledge that your message will be delivered accurately.


Get your message through in any language


In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and the interpreter take turns. Suited for events with a few people and public service contexts where the interpreter interprets in both directions. No special equipment is required.


In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter talks at the same time as the speaker, with a slight delay. Simultaneous interpreting almost always requires interpreting equipment and two interpreters.


In whispered interpreting, the interpreter whispers to a few listeners at most. Does not require any special equipment. Performed either as on-site interpreting or remote interpreting via a phone or video link. Also known as chuchotage.

A global company needs to carry out a risk audit at its facility in India. For the integrity of the audit, it is vital that local employees feel comfortable in giving full and frank answers to the auditors. Therefore, interpretation is required.
Translation&Localization Translation and localization services


The solution:

We provide consecutive interpretation for the entire three days of the audit. In auditing cases, usually only one employee is interviewed at a time, and locations may change during the day, so booths and other equipment are not suitable.