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Translation & localization services

Well-thought-out and unified terminology creates significant cost savings for you thanks to better-quality text with less need for corrections.

With our terminology services, even having the terminology available in a single location can make your daily work significantly easier.


AAC serves customers with needs both large and small

Terminology services can run from reviewing the terminology in a short text in one language all the way to maintaining a large, multilingual term bank with the AAC Term Service, which uses AAC's own terminology management software, AAC TermBANK – or anything in between.
From small-scale terminology work that can be included in the price of a translation to large-scale work charged at an hourly rate, AAC terminology services can handle your terminology management needs. Ideally, any terminology management should take place in the early stages of the translation process, making your validation process easier and quicker.
From collating and selecting terminology in the source language and then finding equivalents in other languages to producing terminology from scratch, AAC has both the language skills and the technological competence to manage your project.
We can seamlessly integrate your validation process with our processes. You can request that the equivalents used for other languages should be the terminology commonly used in the field, or you can ask our terminology services to suggest which of the variants used within the organization are recommended.
Choose whether to participate in the project actively or let our professionals handle the task for you.
AAC terminologists maintain our customer term banks, ensuring that you can use the service to search for and validate terms with confidence. You never have to wait: as soon as a new term is entered or an erroneous term is corrected, it will be visible to all users.
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AAC's own product

AAC Global TermBANK

We can tailor the terminology structure according to your needs. Contact us to get a user ID today!

AAC TermBank

AAC TermBANK for customers who want an easy-to-use, flexible, and reliable tool for continuously maintaining their terminology.

  • Web-based – requires no installation
  • Effective search functions
  • Integrated term validation workflow
  • Intuitive – no training needed
  • Transparent and always up to date
  • Possibility to suggest new terms
  • Role-based functionality and visibility of fields

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