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Our ambitious goal is to set ourselves apart from other translation agencies by providing the best customer experience in the market – the result of quality translations and excellent customer service. Our experienced project managers are there to deliver translated text of the highest standard, even with the tightest of deadlines.



Translations from professional translators who always seek to improve your text



As the Finnish market leader in translation services, we have an extensive network of translators that allows us to find specialized translators who are familiar with your company's field. Their professional perspective will make sure that your text is as good in the target language as it is in the original. We have the resources to serve both start-ups and large global groups, and to tailor our operations according to our customers’ needs.


Full-service translation agency

Our extensive team of in-house translators allows us to provide services quickly and flexibly. Thanks to our long history in the business, we have established a reliable and skilled network of partners around the world covering over


across a diverse range of industries.


You can benefit from our specializations in translations of technical documentation, user manuals and instructions, websites, communication, marketing material, and public sector texts.


Every year, we translate more than

250,000 PAGES

of a wide range of texts, including

100,000 PAGES

of technical translations and around

60,000 PAGES

of communication and marketing.


We also provide authorized translations.


Our reliable global network of long-term partners guarantees that we can reliably deliver localized versions of products and materials, regardless of the language pair.


24/7 access with the AAC Customer Portal


AAC’s Customer Portal lets you easily check the progress of your translation project, quickly find the original files of a translation you have previously ordered, or see the translation volumes of your organization and who in your organization orders translations.


The AAC Customer Portal is also an effortless way to order new translations and additional services, and you can quickly and easily get a cost estimate before you order.



Translation services for all purposes


Thanks to our extensive network of translators, we can select a translator that best suits your needs. With the latest technology in the field to ensure that you get the full benefit of centralizing your translation orders, we let you get on with focusing on your core business.


More than 30 years of experience in the translation services industry gives us expertise in a broad array of fields:












We also offer proofreading and copy-editing services that can be ordered separately. With these services, you can ensure that your text is grammatically perfect and suitable for the culture, needs, and expectations of your target audience.



All text types and file formats


Get fluent and accurate translations in any target language or text format, and for any media.


You can deliver the material in any file format (for example Microsoft Office formats, XML, PDF, or a variety of DTP file formats such as InDesign). Our team of translation technology professionals ensures that we have the best translation tools and terminology management solutions, giving your organization the full benefit of centralizing translation orders, and ensuring that your message stays intact in all languages.


Extensive experience in specialized fields


Translate: user interface texts, help files and websites

Adjust: windows, menus and buttons

Test: the user interface works in all languages

Deliver: your application in the format of your choice

In order to keep the correct style and terminology, our translation agency will naturally use any terminology and style guides you provide. You can deliver content to be localized in any format, including software files.



When translating technical texts, it is crucial to use the correct terminology, and we often discuss the terminology with the customer during the translation process.

If necessary, we can also begin the job with terminology work where we select the key terminology in the text and ask the customer to approve the translations of these terms into different languages.

Using translation memories means that we can ensure our customers’ texts are consistent.



The forest industry is a rapidly globalizing field where companies operate and serve customers around the world. Multilingual expertise is needed in companies' internal communication, in marketing, and in maintaining relationships with customers, investors and society.

Translators must be familiar with the practices and standard terminology of traditional industries, but at the same time stay up to date with the latest developments.

Long-term cooperation with significant actors in the sector has given our translation agency extensive experience and knowledge. The texts we translate for our customers include stock exchange bulletins, annual reports and internal communication, as well as technical instructions, documentation, and marketing material.



Our customers include large and medium-sized construction companies, planning and consulting companies, goods manufacturers and suppliers, and material and recycling companies.

Our customers often operate in several industries and in multiple countries, imposing strict demands on translation and localization services, and the best way to meet them is to make effective use of professional and customer-specific translator teams, and customer-specific translation memories and term banks.

Typical challenges in the industry also include a large amounts of text to be translated and tight schedules.



A typical energy sector customer is a large energy production or transmission company that uses heavy technology. The translation commissions are often quite technical and frequently require that the translation provider is able to manage large amounts of data.

The most important factors in these extensive and long-term translation assignments are often the linguistic clarity and accuracy of the translation.

We use customer-specific translation memories, and in many cases terminology work, to ensure the best possible result.


Translating public sector documents requires that the translators are familiar with administration, legislation, and a number of different specialized fields, and it requires them to adhere to strict formal requirements.

AAC has been providing translations for many years to different EU bodies (the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Communities and a number of EU agencies through the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union), as well as to Finnish ministries and state institutions through our translation agency.

Experienced in-house translators and language reviewers also ensure the quality of translations and function as contact persons for subcontractors.



Marketing and appropriate communication are the basis of building a brand. In our translations, we aim to ensure that the customer's message is conveyed in a way that is appropriate in other languages and cultures, and takes the special characteristics of the target culture into account.

The marketing and communication texts we translate include our customers' websites, press releases, and various brochures, as well as companies' customer and internal communication. The publishing schedules are also often quite tight, especially for press releases.

AAC's strength in the field of marketing texts is that we have strong in-house expertise in producing marketing and content marketing products. This means that our translation agency can provide our customers with a full service, from producing and localizing content to publishing.



Our customers include some of the largest and most well-known companies in Finland, many of which are part of multinational groups.

The translators of banking and finance industry texts are familiar with the industry and different companies’ specialized terminology.

The types of text vary from commercial and marketing texts using finance terminology to legal texts.



In retail trade translations, the importance of creative translating is emphasized.

Translators have more freedom than usual to depart from the source text in order to make the translation as easy to read and as marketing-focused as possible.

Customers also want the “spirit” of their business to be conveyed in all languages. We agree on the terminology with our customers, and translation memories and dedicated translators mean that we can deliver translations even with tight schedules.



The challenges in this field include terminology management (e.g. “decoding” the jargon of medical records), taking the target group into account (for example, a text containing a lot of professional jargon might not be understandable to laymen), and differences in terminology (e.g. differences caused by regional legislation).


How AAC Global satisfies your translation needs


AAC's translation services have been ISO-certified since 2007. This ensures that our processes are as refined as possible, our vendor network adheres to our strict quality requirements, and that we can meet – and even exceed – our customers' expectations.



  • Modern translation technology and tools that provide the full benefit of centralizing translation orders
  • On-time delivery of translations and solutions to all kinds of problems
  • Comprehensive terminology tools and expertise in the management and development of terminology
  • Secure ordering and management of translations 24 hours a day via our Customer Portal
  • ISO-certified professional project management









ABB safety switch video

ABB wanted to promote safety at work and at the same time market their own safety switch products with a video containing a short but memorable story. They wanted the video's message about the importance and significance of work safety to be targeted at people making decisions on safety-related matters and end users of safety switches globally, both inside and outside ABB.

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Website project for Kuusakoski

Website project for Kuusakoski

In conjunction with their brand renewal, Kuusakoski decided to renew their public website and selected us as their partner to design and implement the structure, layout and content of the website as well as to translate the global content in it.

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Localization of SAP software and translation of communications and marketing texts related to the software. www.sap.com

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Translations for investor and corporate communications, marketing and technical documentation, software localization for forestry machines, creating and maintaining company-specific term banks. www.ponsse.com

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NCC Roads

NCC Roads

A variety of translations for corporate communications. www.ncc.fi

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Orava Asuntorahasto

Orava Asuntorahasto

A variety of translations of public companies' communications, creating and maintaining company-specific term banks. www.oravaasuntorahasto.fi

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Translations for EU bodies

Translations for EU bodies

A large mass of text has to be translated into all official EU languages. The texts are difficult and from various specialized administrative sectors; translation of almost all these texts require knowledge of law and a wide variety of other expertise, for example in agriculture, taxation, trade or politics. There are strict formal requirements that apply to many text types, and they must be adhered to.

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Translations related to investor relations and corporate communications for listed companies; marketing and HR translations; customer-specific terminology creation and maintenance. www.storaenso.com

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Korona Invest

Korona Invest

AAC have translated Korona’s press releases and information bulletins, as well as performed linguistic review for Korona’s English publications. http://www.koronainvest.fi/en/

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BACKGROUND: ABB is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation with over 140,000 employees worldwide that operates in the power and automation technology industries. In 2015, they ran a global tender to find a new translation and terminology management solution. We’re honored to say that they chose AAC Global as their partner.

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Finavia: Chinese cultural training

Finavia: Chinese cultural training

Finavia has invested in increasing its Chinese cultural knowledge and developing the customer experience for Chinese travelers. To meet this need, AAC Global organized a series of cultural training sessions for Finavia's people in 2016.