Easily reach audiences such as customers,employees, and resellers when and how it suits them.



Connect with large audiences globally with a message branded to fit your identity. You control the content, the delivery,and access to the webinar!


Broadcast it live or record it so that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.



If you feel that you don’t have the resources or expertise to host a webinar, let us help you!


Decide what you want to handle, and we can do the rest:


Providing the tool


Presenting & facilitating


Managing the chat feed

Creating the content


Translation & localization


Presenter training

Administration & reporting


Marketing your webinar


Recording, editing & subtitling



You can concentrate on the most important part of the webinar – getting your message through!



Do you need more than a webinar?


Webinars can be part of broader promotional or training efforts.


Webinars are a simple and effective platform for sharing knowledge and experiences between global teams and departments. Companies are even using them to create convenient online solutions for orientation and training for people in different parts of the world, even in different time zones.

For promotional webinars, our webinar services can also help you easily add surveys or linked content such as eBooks, videos, landing pages, and more, in any language. Our content creators and graphic designers can produce targeted and effective text, visuals, and audio that you can distribute freely or as gated content.


Tell us the message that you want to deliver, and AAC Webinar Services will create the perfect solution for you!


How it works

The MD of a small local IT services company wants to organize a national customer event to boost sales, but she has a relatively limited budget. The MD is also the main salesperson in the company and will prepare the content for the event and present it.



We provide the tool to host a live webinar and a registration form for the client’s website and social media channels.

One of our professional business trainers welcomes the participants, introduces the MD, manages the chat feed and relays questions to the MD. They ensure the webinar stays on schedule, provide a summary at the end, and remind the listeners where they can find more information. And they thank everyone for attending, before ending the webinar.

As a result, the MD gets to focus completely on the message that she wants to deliver.

We then provide a report including attendance statistics to the MD, along with a recording of the webinar.

The HR Manager of a medium-sized pharmaceuticals company needs to organize compliance training for key staff. The client has its own platform for hosting webinar events, but has had issues with the quality of its presentations and levels of engagement among staff.



We train the presenters in all the skills needed for online presentations. One outcome of the training is that the client realizes that the webinar would be more engaging if some of the content was offered as an eBook.

Our content marketing services create a visually engaging and content-rich eBook that participants can download after the event.

To further boost engagement within the company, there is a simple follow-up survey to gather opinions and development ideas.

Additional Services:

The Global Sales Director of a multinational consumer goods company needs to pass on updated information to resellers in a more cost-efficient and effective way than email communication and seminar events.



AAC webinar services create a total solution for the client, including easy-to-read infographics for the webinars, which are hosted and facilitated by a business trainer who specializes in online presentations.

Our content marketing and graphic design services regularly produce updated eBooks that are made available as gated content, letting the Sales Director see who accesses the most up-to-date information.

Additional Services: